"Surviving to Thriving" Client Testimonies-

Creating a Safe, Warm Environment:


"It's been wonderful working with Latonia.  This was my first time working with a counselor and she's made me feel comfortable from day one.  I've made a lot of progress during my sessions with Latonia and she's given me great tools to use in my daily life to improve my emotional health."  


Developing Effective Coping Skills:


"I have been incredibly blessed to be counseled by Latonia Coates-Smith.  She is personable, a great listener, & both extremely intelligent & insightful.  The tools she has provided me enable me to analyze my thoughts in certain situations & diffuse emotions which may not be appropriate given the situation I'm in.  The resources she's recommended have grounded me in my grief & allowed me to better understand the difficulties I'm encountering.   I'm grateful for her kindness, humor, & how successful she is in her role as counselor."

- Meggie

Enhancing Relationships:


"Latonia worked with me and my ex-husband through a very rough period of infidelity.  I never thought I could move past the hurt but she gave us homework and helped both of us learn to look past the cheating and move forward.  We had very intense sessions and she was the first counselor that was real with both of us without taking sides, but spoke with honesty and sincerity.  We have worked hard and with her help, have been successfully together for each other and our children."